ClearPlay is Easy to Use.

Put ANY popular DVD into the Player. These are ordinary DVDs that you own, buy or rent. Filtering will work on DVDs from Redbox, BlockBuster, Netflix or your local video rental store. The DVDs are ordinary, the Clear Player is not.

Select to play the movie with ClearPlay or without Clear Play. You are always in control of how you play back the movie. Optionally, you can adjust the settings in 14 different categories to completely customize your experience.

Sample Screen Shots of Filtering Options.


Enjoy the smooth edited playback of your movie without having to worry about profanity, nudity or other unwanted content. Everyone will have a more enjoyable experience.

What is required to use ClearPlay?

1. ClearPlay DVD Player
2. Clear Play Filters.
3. DVD movie.
4. A television.


The Details About: FILTERS, MEMBERSHIPS, etc.

A ClearPlay FilterTM is a software filter for your DVD movies. Each DVD movie has a custom Filter created just for that movie. When you play a DVD movie in a Clear Play DVD player with a ClearPlay Filter, objectionable content is omitted from viewing based on the Clear Play Filter Settings.


How do I get Clear Play Filters?

We offer new Clear Play Filters through a ClearPlay Membership. With a Clear Play Membership you have unlimited access to get new ClearPlay Filters.

Clear Play DVD players come with a free ClearPlay FilterStik or USB flash drive that you can use to download the latest Filters. Plug the Filter Stick into your computer, go online, download the filters (it takes just seconds, depending on your connection speed).

Clear Play Filters can be updated with one click using our software ClearPlay Easy Updates!

Do I have to download a Filter every time I watch a movie?

NO! You can download all available filters to the USB stick and they are ready anytime you want to watch a movie. You only need to update the Filter Stick when NEW movies come out on DVD that are not on the stick. Most people update the Filter Stick monthly. Remember you are NOT downloading movies, those you provide on DVD, you are downloading the filter (computer code) that tells the player how to edit the movie you provide.

What is a Clear Play Filter MEMBERSHIP?

A Filter Membership is the vehicle that gives you access to the entire ClearPlay Filter Library, currently about 3600 movies plus all New movies as the are released on DVD.

What are the membership rates?

Your player comes with a Free 30 Day ClearPlay Filter Membership, which will allow you to download all available Movie Filters (over 3000). When you register for your 30 Day Trial Membership you will be able to view rates for continuing. As of, March 31, 2010 these rates are:
$79.99 - Yearly Unlimited Access OR $ 7.99 - Monthly Unlimited Access

Available ClearPlay Filter Settings:


Sex and Nudity: