CyberPatrol Parental Controls

Flexible Content Filtering Options

Use the ‘ready-to-go’ filter settings for child, young teen, mature teen or adult, or customize filtering levels for each user.

  • Block porn and other unsuitable web sites, content and images
  • Restrict access to sites like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace
  • Select from 9 commonly blocked categories including Adult, Chat, Drugs, Gambling
  • Create your own pre-approved list of sites


Limit Access to Programs

Do you want to make some programs ‘off-limits’ to your children?

  • Block games, IM, chat, or home finance programs
  • Prevent program downloads that can harm your PC


Restrict Chat & Instant Messaging

Keep cyber bullies, online predators and scammers away from your kids.

  • Protect your identity by keeping your personal information (address, phone number, etc.) from being revealed
  • Block objectionable words and phrases used by cyber bullies and predators
  • Choose from an enhanced list of common cyber bullying phrases to block


Monitor Internet Activity

Know where your kids go online.

  • Get detailed reports on web pages visited, time and length of visit
  • View and save weekly and daily summaries
  • Easily block future access to objectionable sites


Limit Time Online

Too much Internet? Create predetermined time rules.

  • Limit based on time of day, or daily/weekly cumulative time allowances
  • Control both Internet and program use
  • Once time limits are reached, a blocking message appears


Manage User Profiles

Manage Internet access for as many people on one PC as needed

  • Create multiple users with different filtering levels
  • Integrates with existing user names on Windows XP and Vista


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