PureSight Online Internet Filter

Cyberbullying Protection

PureSight PC provides the best available protection for your children from the possible hazards of Instant Messaging and chat programs, first and foremost - the threat of cyberbullies. Our multi-layered approach provides the first evasion-proof, truly effective Instant messaging protection!

Web Filtering

PureSight PC’s unique intelligence makes it a web-filtering solution that provides “air tight” protection for your kids from exposure to undesirable content, even content that was created minutes ago and hasn’t been listed or cataloged anywhere! This is because PureSight PC adapts and changes in real time, according to actual web content.

Parent Portal

The parent portal is where you, as parents, can be actively involved in your children’s online life in whatever way suits your needs – define the rules for each one of your kids’ Internet activities, follow their actions, and see how the rules you have decided upon are enforced, in real time. Keep cyberbullies and offensive content away from your kids!

Internet Curfew

Left to their own devices, your children would spend far too much time on the Internet. And…the more time they spend on the Internet, the more likely they are to be exposed to online bullying and unsuitable content, not to mention the potential effect on their health and school work. With PureSight PC you can set a reasonable and automatically enforceable Internet curfew - you can either limit time spent on specific applications (such as Instant messaging) or on all Internet applications.

Control File Sharing

File-sharing, also known as "peer-to-peer" (P2P) technology, allows users to search for and download files from other users' computers. This technology is popularly used to exchange music files or video files of TV shows and movies, often copyright protected. PureSight PC allows you to specifically select the software you wish to block and protect your children from exposure to porn and other offensive content, which they can accidentally stumble upon while using these programs.

Reports and Alerts

PureSight PC provides real time alerts of actual dangers combined with scheduled summaries of your child's internet activity – keeping you in the know! We help you stay involved in your children’s lives by providing tools that will keep you informed about what they are doing online.

Tamper Resistant

With PureSight PC you can be assured that you are safe and secure with reliable password protected settings – along with encrypted reports, product settings that are difficult to tamper with and automatic time out so you have the best protection for your family!

Installation and Management

With PureSight PC you enjoy worry-free installation, password protected administrative functions, and support for a wide range of configurations so you can concentrate on the most important thing – keeping your kids safe while they are online!

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