12 Million TVGuardians already in homes.
The TVG Technology mutes the bad language
       on Live TV or DVR recorded shows.

Customer Feedback

Wow! Just watched "The Event" with TVGuardian and it was incredible! We watched the whole thing without any profanity. It was actually relaxing and fun. Good job, this product gets two thumbs up from the both of us!
   - Rick & Priscilla, UT

We were very happy with your fast shipping. Finally we can watch what we want and not be offended by all the bad content! It has changed our viewing so much that we will recommend you to everyone! Thanks
   - Bob & Vicki

TVDefender, thank you for your excellent customer service and super fast shipping. I have children, and protecting them is very important to me. I recommend you to all of my friends. I couldn't be without it.
   - Christy, Auburn Hills, MI

We're extremely happy with this product, my wife is extremely pleased, and we're not getting rid of this.
   – Gary

I can't express my delight at this new technology. I look forward to using my TVGuardian over and over again.
   – Margaretta , Philadelphia PA

I was sold on TV Guardian when I read my first article on the subject. Now that I have itr, I don't know what I could ever do without it.
   – Carl, Los Angeles

Just wanted to let you know that the closed captioning was some how turned off on our DVD player! Now it works!!! Thanks again for being so kind and helpful on the phone!! God Bless You!
   -Vicki P

I think that this technology is the best thing to happen to TV.
   – Ben

Thanks for all your help, we love our guardian & your service.
   – Aaron

TVGuardian really did make the movie more enjoyable.
   – Mike

I just wanted your company to know how absolutely fabulous TVGuardian is!! I can't believe someone actually came up with this wonderful technology. Many thanks.
   – Charlotte, Milton-Freewater, OR

Thank you! TVG makes movies very family friendly! We truly appreciate all you do!– James

We love our clearplay and recommend it all the time!!
   – David and Connie

I am very glad that your company is offering this service and that you have stood up to the pressure put forward by Hollywood. Thank you.
   – Mark

TVGuardian is the BEST filtering technology you can buy. I have been able to watch 75% more movies. I can watch movies with no fear of bad language. TVGuardian is awesome!
   – Benjamin, Rochester, NY

I want to commend you on a great product. My kids and I can enjoy more movies together thanks to your product. Thank you for your assistance.
   – Cathleen, Middleburgh NY

Love the product. I am printing some of your web pages to pass around. Just a thought!
   – Bill, New York

I just read a news story about your product, I have 2 boys 8 and 10. What a great idea and I wish you nothing but success!
   – David, Plano TX

My wife and I enjoy your filters very much, you did a marvelous job. Thanks so much, and keep up the great work!!!!!!!
   – Brian

Thank you very much for your timely response to my last e-mail and for the extra help you gave. I am very impressed with your customer service!
   – Andrew, Chetek WI

I appreciate what you're doing, we've tried different technologies, but they don't quite do what we want them to.
   – Mike, Wyoming

I am very impressed! Thank for your consideration and the wonderful service.
   – Susan

Wow!!! What a relief!!! Finally I can let me kids watch a program without worrying about their minds getting filled with filth. Well worth the money…thanks!!
   - Capt Tony Miranda

WE LOVE OUR IT! We received one as a gift and loved it so much we bought a second for our other TV set. We show it to everyone who comes to our home. Thanks!
    - Rachel, Collinsville, IL

I am extremely happy with my purchase. I have a five year old daughter. Thank you so much for making TV more family friendly again.
    - Jerri, USA

The unit works extremely well! And it is relatively easy to connect. It is a super tool to protect our family from trashy movies. Thanks again!
    - Jon from Winston-Salem, North Carolina