12 Million TVGuardians already in homes.
The TVG Technology mutes the bad language
       on Live TV or DVR recorded shows.

TVGuardian & "The Italian Job"
TVGuardian & "According To Jim"
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What's TVGuardian?

TVG is technology that mutes bad language while you're watching LIVE TV, DVR Playback or DVDs. Works for Standard Televisions or HDTVs. So, now you can watch TV and movies live or play them back on your DVR and never let the worry of bad language spoil your family time. TVG filters out the bad words and has been so successful that more than 12 million TVGuardians are already in the homes of families.

What Gets Filtered?

The New TVGuardians are here!

TVGuardian has now been released in both HD (HDMI) and Standard versions. Learn more about this exciting product.

The New TVGuardian HD
  • For HDTV from satellite, cable and IPTV (U-verse and FiOS)
  • up to 1080p Resolution: depending on cable/satellite
  • Connections: HDMI A/V Input/Output Toslink Digital Audio In/Out
  • HD cable or satellite box req'd
  • Remote Control
Note: Blu-Ray does not contain the data TVG needs to filter the foul language. Does not work with over-the-air HDTV.

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The New TVGuardian SD
  • For standard TV from satellite, cable and IPTV (U-verse and FiOS), antenna with DTV converter box.
  • up to 480i Resolution: depending on cable/satellite
  • Connections Composite A/V Input/Output (red/white/yellow)
  • VCR, cable, satellite, or converter box req'd
  • Remote Control
Note: Works with DVD's that have closed-captions. Does not work with DVDs using SDH instead of closed-captions.

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